Winter 2014

Fast Eddie, aka My Dad

Fast Eddie: wayward dad, tortured soul, wanna be tough guy, spares no emotional expense while trying to repair his relationship with his filmmaker daughter. An irrepressible character, Eddie exposes himself body and soul setting the record straight, while giving the filmmaker an extraordinary muse and the father she never had.

New Kids on the Block

If my childhood was one of repression, Andy's was an explosion. He was the conduit for all of the energy on the block, an energy created by millions of small and seemingly inconsequential actions in the rest of the world that were having their equal but opposite reactions right here in the middle of Andy's life.

Hip Hop By All Means Necessary

A feature film that spans 3 years in the life of Big Trigg, Itchy Finga Sha, Foogie, K.O., and Skinnie Minnie as they roll from the streets of Brooklyn to L.A. in search of $$$$$$.

Hour Children - Candice

A Previously Unreleased Chapter from Money, Power, Respect...Pictures of my Neighborhood

Hour Children - Natalie

BACK ON THE BLOCK , an ongoing series of  multi media short films that
continue to document the lives of Andy & Tata, Jeanette's Story, and
Moya since the Publication of Money, Power, Respect:Pictures of My
Neighborhood in 2005.

To purchase a signed, out of print copy of Money, Power, Respect...Pictures of my Neigborhood and a DVD of the 5 Back on the Block movies for $75, please click the donate button.

Hour Children - Candice

Hour Children: I Never Knew I Was Beautiful

Society sees people – women in jail, or formerly in jail – in a certain light, and that negativity is reflected back which these women internalize. It is a message cycle of inferiority. Fashion dictates image, for women especially, and I'm trying to make up that deficit-hole in the soul. Like with any self-destructive behavior, it can only change when the cycle is broken and healed. see more...

Hour Children - Natalie

The third in the Hour Children series. see more...

Helicopter Photographer

After years of being photographed and filmed by Brenda, here is Andy's movie about Brenda. see more...