blokactivity: A People's History is an art event that concentrates on personal stories of the Bushwick area focusing on one city block (Broadway between DeKalb Ave & Malcolm X Blvd). Artist/curator Clare Stack and documentary photographer Brenda Kenneally have personally witnessed the changes to their Broadway neighborhood over the last two decades and have created this show along with other local artists to bring the block and it's history to life for BOS 2014. The show will include a selection of Kenneally's photographs from a series that chronicles family life on the block from 1996-2004; some were published in her book Money, Power, Respect: Pictures of My Neighborhood (2006 Chanell Photographics).

   There will be a display of personal photographs and stories belonging to people who are either long time residents/grew up in the area or those who have made it their home more recently. Some of these images will be displayed on a wall-sized map of the block, drawn especially for the show by Victor Llanos and Hannah Lichtenstein. There is an interactive component for those who want to share their own stories. This show also includes many original works by local artists including video pieces by Kevin Little and C. Stack, collage by Zak Vreeland, photography by Oriana Fine.

Press Release From Bushwick Open Studios 2014

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